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On-Campus Resources

Academic Resource Center (ARC)
The Tufts Academic Resource Center (the ARC) provides a number of free services to Arts and Sciences graduate students. These services include: tutoring, study skills and time management workshops, writing support, individualized, one-on-one support for students interested in improving their public speaking and oral communication skills, confidential one-on-one academic counseling, services for students with disabilities, and a variety of other resources. To learn more about the ARC, go to http://ase.tufts.edu/arc/ or call 617.627.4345.

Career Services
Tufts Career Services supports arts and sciences graduate students with all facets of career development and job hunting. Programs and services include internship and job listings, campus recruiting, career workshops, résumé writing, interviewing skills, career counseling, a resource library, and much more. The Career Services Web site provides up-to-date information on alumni presentations, workshops, job fairs, and other career events both on and off campus. The site also provides links to a wealth of career planning and job search resources, cover letter and résumé advice, the Tufts Career Network, industry information, and internship and full-time job listings. For more information, go to http://careers.tufts.edu or call 617.627.3299.

Computing Services
Computing Services are offered on the Medford/Somerville campus by both Tufts University Information Technology (UIT), the university's central computing organization, and by Information Technology Services (ITS) within the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. For more information on computing services offered by UIT, go to http://uit.tufts.edu/ or call 617.627-3376. For more information on computing services offered by ITS, go to http://ase.tufts.edu/its/.

Counseling and Mental Health Service
The Tufts University Counseling and Mental Health Service (CMHS) is staffed by professionally trained counselors who are available to discuss personal and academic concerns with students. Brief counseling services at the CMHS are available without charge to graduate students who have paid the comprehensive student health fee. Psychiatry services are offered without charge for the first three visits. Subsequent visits are available at a fee. When appropriate, students will be referred to other qualified university or community services. The CMHS is located in Sawyer House at 120 Curtis Street. Appointments may be made in person or by calling 617.627.3360. For more information, go to http://ase.tufts.edu/counseling/.

Dean of Student Affairs Office
The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs is the primary advocate for students on campus. It is the students' central contact on campus for any and all ideas or suggestions; students are invited to drop by or make an appointment at any time. The office is also available to students for consultation on any matter affecting a student's life where support is needed, and for counseling and advice during a crisis or emergency. The Tufts community is supported by many organizations, including the following, which are under the purview of the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs: Commuting Students Program, Judicial Affairs Office, Office of Residential Life and Learning, Off-Campus Housing Resource Center, Offices of Student Activities, and the campus cultural resource centers. For more information, go to http://uss.tufts.edu/studentaffairs/dosa.asp or call 617.627.3158.

ESL (English as a Second Language) for International Students
The Academic Resource Center (ARC) helps non-native speakers of English improve their diction, grammar, and prose style for greater clarity in writing, and offers an ESL course for graduate students each semester (space limited and students must apply). For more information about the ARC's services for graduate students, click here.

Graduate Student Spirit Fund
There are some exceptions to the old adage "nothing in life is free." Starting this fall 2010, graduate students can have a free beverage of their choice with a faculty member at either the Tufts Brown and Brew or the Tisch Library's Tower Café. The program, a collaboration between the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and the School of Engineering, provides an ideal opportunity for graduate students to meet informally with faculty members to discuss coursework, research, or other graduate study-related matters. PLEASE NOTE: To get a free beverage, graduate students and faculty members must show their ids and identify themselves as either a GSAS or School of Engineering graduate student or faculty member.

For more information, contact Charlene Carle at 617.627.3106 or charlene.carle@tufts.edu.

Graduate Student Organizations
Graduate student organizations play an important role at Tufts. These organizations bring together Arts, Sciences, and Engineering graduate students from different disciplines and life experiences for events and other activities that unite the Tufts graduate student body. Some of these events and activities include an annual 5k run/walk and the graduate student research symposium. For more information, click here.

International Center
Since the 1950s, the International Center has facilitated college-wide intercultural exchange. The center staff works to raise intercultural awareness, to increase the knowledge of immigration laws affecting the Tufts international community, and to advocate a campus climate that respects cultural differences. For more information, go to http://ase.tufts.edu/icenter/ or call 617.627.3458.

Judicial Affairs
The judicial system of the Dean of Student Affairs Office serves undergraduate and graduate students and offers mechanisms to address many issues, including informal resolution, alternative dispute resolution (mediation or arbitration), and fact-finding hearings. Issues include academic integrity, harassing behavior, violations of the code of conduct, and complaints against organizations. For more information, go to http://uss.tufts.edu/dosa/deansoffice/judicial/index.asp or call 617.627.3158.

The university libraries on the Medford/Somerville campus include the Tisch Library, the Lilly Music Library, and the Edwin Ginn Library of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. The Tisch Library and the Lilly Music Library provide library resources and services to arts and sciences and engineering students and faculty. The biology, geology, chemistry, and physics reading rooms on campus house current issues of research-level periodicals in their respective disciplines. Students also have access to the Hirsh Health Sciences Library on the Boston campus and to the Webster Family Veterinary Medical Library on the Grafton Campus.

The Tufts University libraries are members of the Boston Library Consortium, which allows students borrowing privileges at the Massachusetts State Library, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, the Boston Public Library, and the libraries of Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis University, Brown University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Massachusetts, the University of New Hampshire, Wellesley College, and Williams College. Graduate students may obtain a consortium borrowing card at the Tisch Library circulation desk. For more information go to http://www.library.tufts.edu/tisch/ or call 617.627.3460.

Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO)
The Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) encompasses the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO), which works to create and implement new efforts to address issues of climate across the university for all students, faculty, and staff. Within OID, the Director of OEO interprets and implements policy related to best affirmative action and equal opportunity practices in employment and retention and the OEO staff monitors grievances and compliance related issues. The administration of disability services (in accordance with recommendations associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA]) to faculty and staff is part of the work of OEO. For more information, go to http://www.tufts.edu/oeo/ or call 617.627.3298.

Any vehicle parking on the Tufts campus must be registered with Public Safety and Administrative Services. There are a variety of decals available that may be purchased at the Traffic Office at 419 Boston Avenue. Applicants should bring their current Tufts ID and vehicle registration. Students whose vehicles are registered out of state must obtain a Massachusetts Nonresident Student Decal and present proof of insurance at the time of application. Vehicles parked in violation of Tufts' parking regulations are subject to being ticketed. Fines that remain unpaid after 14 days will be billed to the student's bursar account. For more information on parking at Tufts, go to http://publicsafety.tufts.edu or call 617.627.3502.

Public Transportation
Information on discounted Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) passes and schedules are available at the Bursar's Office at Dowling Hall, 617.627.2000, or through the MBTA Web site, www.mbta.com. Shuttle service is available from the Medford/Somerville campus to Davis Square during the fall and spring semesters. For more information (including schedules) go to http://publicsafety.tufts.edu or call 617.627.3502.

Recreational Facilities
Tufts has a number of recreational facilities available to graduate students. These facilities include the Cousens Gym, the Hamilton Pool, and tennis, squash, and basketball courts. For more information, go to http://ase.tufts.edu/athletics/facility.htm or call 617.627.3232.

Services for Students with Disabilities
Services for students with disabilities are offered through the Academic Resource Center (ARC). Some of these services include books on tape, note takers, peer tutoring, and academic counseling and support. For more information on these and other services, go to http://uss.tufts.edu/arc/disability/.

University Health Service
Tufts University's Health Service provides comprehensive outpatient coverage, with services in general medicine, women's health, psychiatry, orthopedics, and gynecology. The Health Service also contains a clinical laboratory facility. For more information, go to http://ase.tufts.edu/healthservice/ or call 617.627.3350.

When Tufts offices are closed, emergency consultations with a university physician, clinicians and counselors, or a psychiatrist are available by contacting the University Police at 617.627.3030.