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Research plays a prominent role in the life of a typical Arts and Sciences graduate student. Working closely with Tufts faculty, they research everything from honeybees and paper wasps at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine to learning disabilities in classrooms in Greece. They don scuba gear to study coral reefs in the Caribbean and participate in archaeological digs in Europe. They visit the plains of Kenya to study Zebras and wade through the lakes and ponds of Massachusetts to explore the impact of pollution.

Tufts graduate students go other places as well as part of their research. Each year, they attend conferences, both in the United States and abroad, and present their research findings to leaders in their respective fields.

Many graduate students require funding to conduct their research. The links below share some of the funding opportunities that are available both at Tufts and outside the university.

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Ranjith Prasad Anand
doctoral student, biology

Current Research: "I am investigating the biological phenomena behind several DNA expansion diseases such as Huntington's disease and Spinocerebellar Ataxias."

Why Tufts: "The single most important factor that makes Tufts a great place to work is the incredible sense of collegiality that exists amongst the researchers irrespective of their official status; be it a student or a faculty member. This holds especially true for the biology department. The sense of collegiality is so much so that the department feels as if it is a big family of biologists. My Tufts graduate experience has helped me do away with my old mentality of working in isolation. It has taught me that scientific collaboration can be truly rewarding, and that great advances in science are brought about only when there is a confluence of ideas from various fields."

The Tufts Difference: "I value the teaching assistantship that the biology department offered me as the most influential factor in my development as a professional researcher. I owe any improvement in my communication and presentation skills to the assistantship."