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The Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers eleven doctoral programs and nineteen master's programs in arts and sciences. The faculty, a community of scholars and researchers, are eager to involve graduate students in their research and teaching agendas. Students may also pursue practice-based master's degrees or graduate certificates in a number of areas. In addition, post-baccalaureate programs in premedical studies and computer science are offered, as is the opportunity to select individual courses through the Graduate Career Advancement Program (GCAP).

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Krishna Kumar
professor and department chair, chemistry

Current Research: De novo design and construction of proteins, especially those with nonstick properties; also probing the evolution of proteins by using bioinformatics to deconstruct enzymes to the smallest pieces that still have catalytic properties.

About his work: "We use two complementary approaches. One is to take inspiration from biology, to push the frontiers of understanding of how biology works and use that understanding to do chemistry. The second is to use chemistry to endow extra-biological properties to molecules and organisms."

Why Tufts: "We have a dual mission of education and research, and I find that Tufts does both quite well. They are synergistic—you can't do cutting-edge research without engaging in and benefiting from teaching, and students must be involved in pushing the research envelope to receive a top education and train other students."