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The Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers eleven doctoral programs and nineteen master's programs in arts and sciences. The faculty, a community of scholars and researchers, are eager to involve graduate students in their research and teaching agendas. Students may also pursue practice-based master's degrees or graduate certificates in a number of areas. In addition, post-baccalaureate programs in premedical studies and computer science are offered, as is the opportunity to select individual courses through the Graduate Career Advancement Program (GCAP).

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Julian Agyeman
associate professor, urban and environmental policy and planning

Current Research: "I'm investigating the nexus between environmental justice and sustainable development movements, based on the conviction that permanent social and environmental policy change requires the vision of sustainable development and the awareness of justice, including a more equal distribution of resources and wealth."

Most Recent Book: "Sustainable Communities and the Challenge of Environmental Justice puts forward the idea that social justice and environmental protection can be achieved through the concept of 'just sustainability'; a middle ground, or bridging paradigm between the stewardship-focus of environmental sustainability, and the anti-racist and anti-classist focus of the environmental justice movement."

Why Tufts: "I'm part of a community where students are of such high quality. I am really impressed with their commitment to wanting to change the world. My students help with my research and challenge me constantly."