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The Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers eleven doctoral programs and nineteen master's programs in arts and sciences. The faculty, a community of scholars and researchers, are eager to involve graduate students in their research and teaching agendas. Students may also pursue practice-based master's degrees or graduate certificates in a number of areas. In addition, post-baccalaureate programs in premedical studies and computer science are offered, as is the opportunity to select individual courses through the Graduate Career Advancement Program (GCAP).

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Hee-Sun Lee
assistant professor, education

Current Research: "I'm interested in investigating the effects and the effectiveness of inquiry-based curriculum material. I look at various assessment methods to measure whether and how they are working. Traditionally, people look at pre and post-tests to see if a curriculum is working, which doesn't reveal what is happening in the middle of the curriculum period. I not only use the pre and post-tests but also collect data during the curriculum period, to develop learning trajectories before, during, and after instruction. I want to make all the links to examine how a curriculum is working. This includes looking at traditional assessments, but also projects, conversations, artifacts, explanations, and responses to curriculum prompts. This is a more authentic way of understanding what's happening in the classroom."

Why Tufts: "Boston is an exciting place and there are so many universities that are close by that you can reach anyone you want to. Also, the education department is a very close department where everyone knows each other. You don't have to go through a large organizational structure to get something done. You just go to the person and talk to them."