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Programs Offered: M.A., Ph.D.

The Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in history prepare students for careers in education and research, as well as fields such as business, organizational administration, and world affairs.

The M.A. program emphasizes a comparative understanding of the historical process. Students are required to complete ten courses and conduct individual research in consultation with a faculty member. Recent courses have focused on areas such as American military history to 1900, the Black Panther Party, the French Revolution, travel writing and history, and the Mongol Empire. The M.A. program is designed both to prepare students for doctoral programs in history and to enhance the historical knowledge and interpretive skills of professionals working in secondary schools, libraries, foundations, and museums. The M.A. program typically takes two years to complete, and students in an appropriate field may apply to be transferred into the Ph.D. program after one year of study.

The department offers a Ph.D. in modern South Asia and a Ph.D. in global history. Ph.D. students are required to complete sixteen courses, take oral and written examinations in three fields, and fulfill at least three semesters of independent readings or research. The program concludes with a dissertation. Recent titles have included, Anti-Colonialism, Regionalism, and Cultural Autonomy: Bengali Muslim Politics, c. 1840s–1952; Between Homeland and Nation: The Politics of Punjabi Hindus, 1907–1947; The Idea of "Hispanidad" in the Relationship of Francisco Franco and Rafael L. Trujillo; and Narratives of Pride: Historical Memory and Regional Identity in Maharashtra, India c. 1700–1960.

Applicants to the program must be proficient in at least one foreign language.

History: Faculty

Benjamin Carp
Ph.D., University of Virginia
Colonial, revolutionary, and early America

Virginia G. Drachman, Chair
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Modern America, women in the United States, medicine and society in the United States

David Ekbladh
Ph.D., Columbia University
The United States in the world, international history, modern U.S. history

Leila Fawaz
Ph.D., Harvard University
Middle East

Elizabeth Foster
Ph.D., Princeton University
Modern France in the world, colonial West Africa

Ayesha Jalal
Ph.D., University of Cambridge
South Asia, the Muslim world

Peniel Joseph
Ph.D., Temple University
African-American studies, race relations, intellectual history, civil rights, and black power

Gary P. Leupp
Ph.D., University of Michigan

Howard L. Malchow
Ph.D., Stanford University
Modern Britain, Europe, Anglo-American relations

Kris Manjapra
Ph.D., Harvard University
Modern South Asia, modern Germany, intellectual history

Beatrice F. Manz
Ph.D., Harvard University
Middle East and inner Asia

Steven P. Marrone, Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D., Harvard University
Medieval and early modern Europe

Ina Baghdiantz McCabe
Ph.D., Columbia University
Armenia and cross-cultural world history

Christopher Schmidt Nowara
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Spain, Latin America

Jeanne Penvenne
Ph.D., Boston University

Alisha Rankin
Ph.D., Harvard University
Early modern Europe

Hugh Roberts
D.Phil., University of Oxford
North Africa, Middle East

Reed Ueda
Ph.D., Harvard University
Industrial and urban United States, immigration

Peter Winn
Ph.D., University of Cambridge
Latin America

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