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The Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers 11 doctoral programs and 19 master's programs in Arts and Sciences. Our faculty, a community of scholars and researchers, are eager to involve graduate students in their research and teaching agendas. Students may also pursue practice-based master's degrees or graduate certificates in a number of areas. In addition, we offer post-baccalaureate programs in premedical studies and computer science, and the opportunity to select individual courses through the Graduate Career Advancement Program (GCAP).

Choosing a graduate program is an important decision and this web site will help you choose a course of study that works for you. Whether it's art history or high-energy physics, education, public policy, occupational therapy or biology, the information you're looking for is here.

In addition to descriptive information about the programs we offer, you will find links to individual departments where you can find answers to specific questions you may have about a particular program of study.

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Lisa Shin
associate professor, psychology

Current Research: Using neuroimaging techniques to examine brain function in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), specifically the roles of brain structures like the amygdala, medial prefrontal cortex, and hippocampus

Why Tufts: "It's small and personal with really bright students. Its location is also ideal, because the Boston area provides many opportunities for collaboration with other researchers."